Key Personnel

Charles Devenish

Charles has had 45 years experience in the mining industry which included interests and exposure in Australia, Burma, India,  Angola and Vietnam. He has had strong involvement in mineral exploration in Australia and overseas for several decades and was the founding Director and Promoter of Australian public companies, Auridiam N.L., Moonstone Mines N.L, and the Canadian company Redaurum Ltd. He was also responsible for the opening of the first diamond mines in Zimbabwe and USA (Colorado) and was the founder of the first gemstone processing factory and training school in North Vietnam.

Charles founded Australian Indian Resources Pty Ltd in 1993 and remains involved in developing a number of exploration and mining projects in India.

Charles’ active role in exploration and mining projects, his profound knowledge of the mining industry, his extensive corporate background and his concerns for Indian rural development based on mining provide significant and valued input to the Company.

Hanuma Prasad Modali

Hanuma has 15 years of experience in exploration and mining industry.  He has Doctorate in Geology and worked with Geological Survey of India from 1994 to 2002 in geological mapping and mineral exploration projects. Hanuma joined AIR in the year 2002 as an Exploration Manager and along with his team explored 15000 area in central India for gold, base metals, Ni-Cu-PGE and made significant discoveries.   During that period he was actively involved in the research on Ni-PGE targets in India, which eventually gave a first mover advantage to AIR in securing ground over high potential Ni-PGE targets.

Since  2008 Hanuma was closely associated with the Business Development team of the AIR Group, during which he carried out due diligence and valuation on various projects. Hanuma spear headed the recent investment into AIR. He is also actively involved in Public Relations and CSR programmes in one of the key gold project areas of the Group.

Hanuma has travelled widely in Africa, SE Asia and South America to carry out due diligence and advice various business houses in acquiring mineral projects in these countries. He has working experience in 14 countries of these regions. He has about 20 scientific publications in various international and national journals. He attended number of national and international conferences and presented his views on Indian Mining Industry

Managing Director (GMSI)
Jade Devenish

Jade has been a Director of Geomysore Services Pvt Ltd (GMSI), Bangalore since 2009.  Jade is responsible for operations of the company and also plays a key role in business development through identifying and fostering partnerships with the Government and other strategic partners.  Jade is also a Director of the Australian Indian Rural Development Foundation, which encompasses research as well as implementation of projects focused on agriculture and sustainable rural development in Indian villages, farms, school and orphanages.

Prior to joining GMSI Jade worked in Project Management at Australia’s largest residential land developer and syndicator in Perth, Western Australia.  Focusing on broad acre residential land development, Jade was involved in the planning and project delivery of a number of significant master planned communities for a top-tier ASX listed development and asset management business.  She assisted in the acquisition, compliance, construction, finance and sales functions of specific projects.

Mark Creasy

A Mining Engineer and a major share holder in Australian Indian Resources Pty. Ltd., group companies, Mark Creasy may well prove to be the most successful gold prospector in Australian mining history. At the age of 49 he became a figure of legendary fascination in Australian business circles through his discovery of the Bronzewing and Jundee gold mines. Qualified at the Royal School of Mines, Mark Creasy was named Australia’s “Prospector of the Year” in 1993. He has a gallery in his name – The Mark Creasy Minerals Gallery, at the mining hall of fame, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. The Mining Hall of fame is a visible icon for prospectors and miners of Australia and reflects the importance of an industry that contributes enormously to the social and economic wealth of Australia.

Mark Creasy has established a company styled Yandal Investments Pvt. Ltd. Currently he spends upwards of AUD $ 4 million a year on mineral exploration and prospecting for gold and other metals.

Director of Exploration (GMSI)
Dr. M.K. Devarajan

Dr. Devarajan has over 25 years of experience in geological mapping and mineral exploration. Prior to joining GMSI in 2006 he was with the Geological Survey of India (GSI) for 18 years where he carried out geological investigations and exploration programs in a wide range of geological settings which included the Malanjkhand copper deposit, Sausar manganese belt and the Mahakoshal gold belt in Central India. He also led the geological  investigations for the site selection studies of the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.

Since joining GMSI in 2006, Devarajan has guided the exploration programs for all base metal projects in Rajasthan and Central India as well as the gold projects of Attappady in Kerala and Gurahar Pahar in Madhya Pradesh. He is presently executing an extensive exploration and drilling program in the Jonnagiri gold project  in Andhra  Pradesh.

Co-Founder (GMSI)
Dr. V. N. Vasudev

Dr.Vasudev started his professional career as an Economic Geologist in year 1973 with the Karnataka State Dept. of Mines and Geology, India.  During his 20 years tenure in the State Department he worked as a Mining Geologist for 6 years at the Karnataka Copper Consortium and M/s Chitradurga Copper Co. Ltd.  There after he continued to serve the State Dept. as a Geologist incharge of planning and execution of metalliferous mineral exploration projects.

Between 1984 to 2000, Dr.Vasudev has carried out geological mapping and conceptual exploration for gold in the greenstone belts of the Dharwar Craton, South India, with Dr. Brian Chadwick, a renowned Structural Geologist at Exeter University, UK.  Together, they have worked out the structure, stratigraphy and tectonics of a major portion of the Dharwar Craton.

Vasudev started his career as the Chief Geologist with Geomysore Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. in Sept 1994 as a Target Generator for gold, basemetals & Ni-PGMs. Currently he is working as Director of Mineral Exploration in Geomysore Services (India) Pvt Ltd.  He served as a Director on the Board of Geomysore Services for 10 years. Besides, he is also a Consultant to Deccan Gold Mines Ltd.  Vasudev had exposure to gold and nickel deposits of Western Australia in October 1995 when he visited about 25 gold mines, 2 nickel mines and one Copper Mine.

As part of his engagements in Geomysore Services he has rendered consultancy services mainly for gold in Ghana, Djibouti, & Ethiopia, Zambia, Kelantan State in Malaysia, Cambodia & Philippines. Vasudev has published over 50 research papers in national and international journals and over 100 exploration technical reports.  Vasudev has served as a Member of the Core Committee on Precious Metals for the 12th Five Year Plan of India and also served as a Member of the Committee on Strategic Minerals. He also served twice as a Member of the National Geoscience Awards Committee.

Dr.Vasudev, as a representative of FIMI (Federation of Indian Mineral Industries, New Delhi), has been actively associated with the National Mineral Policy of India and contributed to the refinement of the Draft MMDR Bill 2009-2011 and again in 2014-15. He is the Chairman of the FIMI Standing Committee on Non-Ferrous Metals and Precious Metals.

Director (AIR)
Robert James Third

Forty five years of experience in the Metals and Minerals Processing Industries. Extensive experience in all aspects of project development as a Director of ASX listed  and private mining companies and as Principal of a successful consulting practice, Resources Engineering Pty. Ltd. Experience includes conduct of project Feasibility Studies, from exploration, resource definition, environmental studies, process development, feasibility studies, financing, design and project management, commissioning, operations and maintenance. Industries experienced in operational and/or developmental roles includes, oil & gas, iron ore, mineral sands, uranium, lead & zinc, copper, lead and tin, alumina, gold, sulphur, quarrying & crushing. Elected as Fellow, Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Initial Training as Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering was at University of Sydney.

Director (AIR)
Mr Dirk Keizer

A longstanding investor and supporter of Australian  Indian Resources, Dirk is 77 years old and a permanent resident of Australia since 1955. Mr Keizer has experience in the building trade as a developer and owner builder of various successful residential projects.

Mr Keizer also has experience in the oil refining industry over several years. He has been the proprietor of 4 motels with the appropriate liquor licenses.(1985-2002)

He is an accredited master tree grower and as such owns and conducts the Kalima Tree Plantation in the Esperance area , WA. Mr Keizer serves as the AIR secretary and is also serving as a current director of AIR.